As a Stylist image, foundation and the overall completed Look are key when it comes to ensuring your client is satisfied and your Brand is properly represented.

With all the current trends: mesh inserts, cutouts, backless and plunging necklines I always want to ensure my clients are well put together, look great and feel their absolute best! We all share and display our #ootd with hopes that they are also liked and received by others. 

Social media is the new memory maker, photo album, empowerment platform and business building base. It is also jokester central, bully avenue and a place that can be very hurtful. I’ve seen post with spectators debating about our women who didn’t wear a bra or spanx with that special outfit, basically degrading them. 

I want to share one staple wardrobe item being that the Divaology Brand recently introduced a backless sweater dress for sale via their eBoutique. So ladies can be confident in their selections and not feel hindered by a certain trend we wanted to discuss going braless and the alternative. If you are anti-braless a simple investment in a convertible lowback bra will allow you to keep the girls lifted and still go backless. Ensure to get properly measured for your correct size. If your retailer does not measure for proper cup & circumfrence sizes then I wouldn’t purchase a bra from them. Retailers such as Nordstrom Dillard’s and Cacique Intimates provide measuring services. 

On another note an investment in a plunging convertible bra is key for those deep v- necks. Now I understand embracing your natural structure, shape and hang but unfortunately a sagging bustline with flat cleavage does not flatter a plunging neckline. I’ve seen several women go braless with a deeply open dress or top and wish their stylist, grandmother or someone had taught them better.

I first and foremost, always encourage my clients to invest in and wear good solid foundation garments underneath their clothing.  It can make all the difference in your look!! My motto is ensure you are tucked, lifted and smooth when needed. Now not everyone needs them, so for those who don’t, this is not for you! I use to be size 18 and began wearing spanx in 2008 but was raised to wear slips, girdles and the whole nine. I am currently a size 6 and still wear foundation garments including bras, slips, hosiery/tights and spanx!! 

I know I know “they are expensive, they are uncomfortable, they show trough my clothing. These are all excuses ladies!! So shop around or work with a knowledgeable Stylist to find the right fit and brand for you!!  My personal preference is The Maddox for custom built bras and the Spanx brand for mid/lower extremities however there are several great brands out there! I will share details on my select choices in another post. So ladies let’s get and keep those foundations in check!!

Blogged by Nichole E. 

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