Natural Solutions

Being a recipient of an autoimmune disease is life changing. It’s especially difficult when it affects your skin and hair bound by inflammatory itchy flare ups. With hair loss to the frontal, eyebrows, eyelashes I’ve tried my fair share of fixes. Although I do not miss the hair lost on my arms and legs which I previously shaved, the severe over drying and itchy skin can be intolerable. 

For dryness, itching, soreness, tenderness, redness and inflammation on my scalp I have used products with emu oil for the last 2 years. After my Lichen Planopilaris was activated by a prescription medication I turned to all natural products and remedies.  Total Life Changes 100% pure certified AEA emuoil is a game changer! It is super soft and silky leaving my scalp, skin and hair as such complete with healthy benefits. 

So with all that I had to find an effective shampooing system to complete my ultimate hair care regimen! After meeting @mikobranch and at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit reading her Naturally Miss Jessie’s book, I Finally tried her natural hair care products. Call me the Try it Queen because I have tried so many different hair care products, probably tried them all!! 

I must say the following three Miss Jessie’s  products are true to their discriptions. The shampoo was super silky leaving my hair soft, bouncy and manageable. The conditioner coated, smoothed and moisterized my hair retaining moisture even after the rinse out. The leave in conditioner added even more managablilty to my hair during styling. One of the symptoms of the auto immune disease Lichen Planopilaris is severe drying which soaks up many products after usage and applications. I noticed continued moisture after several days and then a whole week. I apply emuoil and essential oils to my scalp daily for treatments but Miss Jessie’s retained moisture to my hair from root to end! 

I highly recommend Total Life Changes 100% Emu Oil as well as Miss Jessie’s Best Darn Natural shampooing system.

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