Curly Coif

Who woulda thunkit?? Me??
With Big Curly Hair!! Being that I have my own naturally tight curly coif which I rarely wear or show. I’m just not into the curly teeny weeny afro. As a child I hated the one big tangly, curly puff my mother placed on top of my sandy red head. I know all my naturalist may ask why?The curls didn’t bother me. I simply preferred my hair styled in curly twisted ponytails. Yes I was a very expressive four year old! Lol! And only liked when my cousin Bridgette combed my hair – Ms. Meticulous!! She used the good old Royal Crown Hair Dressing or Blue Magic Hair Dress and water to tame my curls.

I only wore my hair straight for special occasions like Easter and loved for my aunt Jackie to press it. If there was a curl, strand or beaty beed on your neck, forehead or side burn – she pressed it.  At age twelve I had one of my grandmother’s good friends, Mrs Grace who lived next door to perm my hair. She permed her neice’s hair so I fibbed and said it was ok with my mom for her to do mine. She was furious, especially after I got a new curling iron and burned it all out that summer – curling it everyday!

I wore chemicaly treated hair until I decided to go back natural in 2009. I mostly wear my natural hair straighten, letting the afro out ocassionally. I wore sewins for five years and began wearing wigs two years ago. This a new endeavor for me because I absolutely hate a wiggy look or closure with the unatural looking part. I am trying Frontals which are high maintenance but look more natural.  Later I will be sharing the story behind my reason for wigs – Lichen Planopilaris LLP with Frontal Fibrosing Aloepecia. Anywho I am embracing tight curls today as they blow in the ocean’s wind….

Big Thanks to @twinkleeyelashes for the hair plug: Indian Curly 

Wig: fully sewn removable unit with support band @wegwants 

Frontal: Indian Curly @thamaneman
#vacahair #bighairdontcare #naturallycurly #oasis #captainsball #biggestshipintheworld #lastcruise #stmaarten  

xoxo Nichole

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