Fashion Show Fever

Spring has Sprung and it’s time to hit those haute events. Last night KVIL put on an amazing show @ the Classis BMW Plano Showroom. The event featured some  of DFW’s Hautest designers such as Smith II, Erica Dawn Woodmore and Symbology. The concert segment included The RHOB’s Erika Jayne and the mystical Chris Daughtry. The ambiance was lively with gourmet lite bites and superb spirit samples. The disco jockey melts the sounds smooth while the cigar lounge was LIT and charity casino rolled…. 

A Magnificent Event…

Divaology @ KVIL Runway 1037 in the Mairi Shirt Dress…. 


Apparel – Divaology 

Accessories – Michele Watches: GemsbyYsati

Bag – Chanel

Gladiators – Schutz


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