Today, bitter sweet as it is marks the 60th Birth Anniversary for my sweet Mother Brenda  Kay Martin, may she continue Resting in Paradise.  Missing her tremendously on this day. She was super sweet, kind and loved to laugh……. 

If I learned one of many things from her it was how to put an ensemble of clothing together, work out a wardrobe and dress well. Her being employed by Neiman Marcus taught me the meaning of this entity at a very very early age..  

My memories of her are vivid and fresh. I loved watching movies with her like Mahogany, Lady Sings The Blues, Imitation of Life, Grease, I Love Lucy, Carole Burnett and so many other favorites. Omgee just thinking of the wardrobes in these films and shows gives me goosebumps. I am her only daughter, she loved me to the moon and back and of course dressed me well! Ha!! I first learned about fashion and style from her. She Slayed when there was no such word!!  I love bell bottoms, crop tops and dresses because of her. Her Sweet Spirit helps me out when I can’t find anything to wear and gets me right on together. She was not perfect as none of us are but she was still my mommy, my BrendaK, my SupaB and I love her!! Although I am still mourning her death, I celebrate her life today! Happy Birthday Mommy. 

Ensemble was put together for BrendaK aka SupaB…


               Top: Divaology 

               Skirt: Divaology

               Gladiators: Schutz


4 thoughts on “#igetitfrommymommy 

  1. This is such a beautiful thing, it’s amazing the things our parents instill in us that end up being the force that drives us towards our destiny. And YES you can dress your tail off.

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