Turnt Up for the Lord… or the club?

I love this blogpost and most certainly agree!! Let the church say amen!! #keepitclassic

Mardi Hunter the Bold Fashion Junkie

I was watching an attractive thirty something and very curvy YouTube Vlogger over the weekend as I often do. I usually find this particular vlogger to be informative and entertaining. This vlog was a lookbook haul from an online clothing retailer. The fashion junkie in me could not resist. As she modeled her haul items many of which were body conscious garments in various prints and patterns, I noticed that she repeatedly referenced how these pieces were cute and that you could wear them to the club or to church… to church? I was vexed… Well, this went on for about 3-4 minutes until it dawned on me that what I initially thoughts was the pattern of the garment was actually a discoloration. You see what I finally figured out is that the dress was so tight that the opaque fabric had become somewhat mesh like in it’s appearance and I could see her bra…

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