Personal Shopper Finds

Hey Fashion Fam here’s some sweet Fashion Frenzy for all my Lovers of Labels and things High End….. I’m sure everyone’s recovering from their holiday shopping shenanigans but this was a must share..  As I’m out picking up items for a client, I remember I need an office item so I put on my bargain shopper hat and stop by TJmaxx @ Preston. As I’m heading to the home section my eager eye and focus were immediately drawn to this gray figure with gold hardware. It was  YSL Yves Saint Larent in the flesh… Then gold studs caught my eye and what do you know, a Valentino Backpack. Then there was the cutest mini Alexander McQueen handbag. As I stood back I see another Alexander Mcqueen bag in royal purple hue. As I made a circle around the display there laid a sleek black lambskin  leather Givenchy handbag…. All at good ole TJMaxx… I know certain locations are known for having great finds including some high end items but these were a true suprise. I’d love to meet their Buyer!! ūüėú. I always embrace a great bargain and adore an awesome Fashion Find….  Any of these will make a bag lover’s collection. So if you’re in the market for one of these lovelys head on over!!!  Until next time… 


Nichole E.


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