Clear View

When you are ready for the next travel adventure!! Thinking, Planning, Preparing and Booking… Where shall we go?? Back to the clearest water ever of Turks and Caicos? Of the international waters we’ve visited so far no others compare. You can literally see straight through the water!! There’s no cloudiness, no merkiness, no seaweed, no rocks. And the beach is filled with clean white sand beneath you feet! I’m no water mocassin and rarely frequent the water. But the beautiful clear waters of Grace Bay Beach changed that for me. Check the moment captured below,  even my son in the white cap couldn’t believe I was in the water and got my hair wet!! He had to take a pic! Lol! Oh My the goodness natural salt water did for my hair!! It was super soft, manageable and bouncy.. I would definitely frequent this ocean water again. With later going to Jamaica after a patch of rain and the water turning a blue-greenish brown, I didn’t want to get in! Haha! Call me spoiled! Now as I research other international exotics such as Barbados and Bora Bora I get ueber excited with anticipation….. Traveling is my passion, my most favorite thing even over shopping. If Only Travel Was Free!! You’d more likely never see me again.  

Until Next Travel – xoxo

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