**Travelgram** one of the most interesting was traveling to Europe and definitely traveling within the cities!! Have a plan and don’t be afraid of the rails!! They are widespread underneath the city. However taxis are your best bet for late night commutes. Our 9 hour flight wasn’t too bad after dinner and a few movies (or sleeping on one lol) a few glasses of wine, then dessert, more wine, coffee, then a lite snack, more wine, a little dosing, then it was time for breakfast with an hour and a half until arrival. We mostly traveled by taxi and in pristine style! But to Europeans a Mercedes is a regular vehicle especially with taxing folks about town on a daily basis. But to us Americans a Benz is a luxurious, highly sought after automobile. Either way it was a very nice touch. Now once we were ready to travel through another customs checkpoint and head over to Paris we took a different ride. This one would have taken a long 5 and a half hours but only took 2 hours and 15 minutes via the Chunnel on the Eurostar. With speeds upto 190 mph, a lite lunch and much anticipation of going through the 25 minute Chunnel (tunnel under water) ride. Unfortunately I fell asleep and missed it! tis tis Lol! Guess I will catch it on the next trip which may include Amsterdam or Milan! Come travel with #divaology #travelblogger #dallasfashionblogger #dallasfashionstylist #divaologyboutique @divaologyzone @divaologyzone  

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