Ecstatic About Europe

Ecstatic!!!!! To be able to visit London and Paris especially during #parisfashionweek. Thankful that @madisoncache and @divaology_ were able to link up and vibe positively as two women who support, want success and greatness for one another. So glad @mstorriroland was able to share this journey!!! We had some great and funny moments as well learned a few international travel lessons and I had to brush up on my French lol! But hey that’s what it’s all about.. I’ve dreamed of this trip since I started taking French in TAG in 3rd grade. I knew and announced at my 35th birthday that I would visit Europe for my 40th birthday!! I missed March but I celebrate all year anyway!!! And September during #pfw was even better!!! Until next time Paris!!! au revoir jusqu’à ce que nous nous reverrons #divaology #divaologyboutique #dallasstylist #dallasblogger #travelblogger  

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