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With New York Fashion Week 2015 closing out last week and London Fashion Week 2015 Closing out this week, the minds of the Fashion Folk must be pondering over the #1 ranking Fashion Capital of the World. With the usual suspects being the reigning Big Four – Paris, London, Milan and New York, which city is on top? New York overcame London and strutted by Paris ranking #1 in 2014. Sooooo! Fashion Family according to Global Language Monitor (www.languagemonitor.com/fashion) Paris is currently out ranking London and New York for the #1 spot as Top Fashion Capital of the World. Now Paris Fashion Week 2015 is set to debut next week (September 30 to October 7, 2015). So lets see what the Fashion Capital of the World – Paris delivers…..

Share your thoughts on Raksanda’s WTR Spring/Summer 2016 Collection below!

Video: London Fashion Week 2015 – Raksanda WTR Spring/Summer 2016

Blogged By: Divaologist – Nichole E

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